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Convert your basement
In regards to underpinning a cellar, also referred to as basement lowering, the benefit is that you (somewhat) have existing walls to make your new addition. It's often cheaper than adding an addition to your house, and since your construction within the present structure, there's far less red tape to manage.

When it comes to underpinning a basement, also called basement lowering, the benefit is that you already have existing walls to create your new addition. It's often cheaper and faster than adding an addition to your home, and since your building within the existing structure, there is far less red tape to deal with.

The issue with older houses is that their basements were never supposed to be a living area. It had been intended for utilities, storage, laundry, and a great dark and damp house for spiders to creep about. The height of the basement is often lower than the rest of the floors in the house, coupled with the fact that duct work and utility pipes are often run along the ceiling area.

Underpinning allows you to retain all of your basement square footage since there is no need to build a bench wall inside your basement. It's a tricky and time consuming job, and one not left to fly by night contractors.

Underpinning involves excavating and pouring new footings to the depth where your new basement floor will be. This is done in sections, and the load of the foundation is carefully transferred and supported as each section is completed. It's a slow and cautious process as you're basically undermining the integrity of the foundation during the basement lowering process.

There are numerous advantages to this model. First and foremost the basement square footage remains the same but you get the extra headroom to make it new livable area in your house, thus increasing value of your biggest investment significantly. Moreover, if you had the slightest doubt about the state of the original foundations that concern's gone forever, it will be replace with a brand new one which will last for generations.

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