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I have had a plumber/heating engineer previously; can I request the same attendant?
Of course - speak to a member of the office and they should be able to arrange this.
How accurate are your appointment times?
We attend >95% of jobs at the agreed time. However, there are times when our engineers hit heavy traffic or the previous job overruns. We will always endeavor to let our customers know if we are running late.
Your engineer was late! Can I receive a discount?
No. We are unable to monitor all external variables, including traffic, job overruns or vehicle issues. We try and give you a time slot, which is much more than most companies who offer AM vs. PM. Please speak to us if your appointment time is strictly controlled between two timings. We will endeavor to re-arrange and organize our engineer for special cases.
Can I send photographs for help with the quotation?
Absolutely. With modern technology and simple jobs that require quoting, often we can estimate a job costing based on a photograph. For example, replacement of an electric shower.
Do you have a complaints procedure?
Please give us a call at 416 455 5554 and we will do everything in our power to make everything right by you!
Can I supply my own materials?
Not normally, no. However, depending on your requirements we might be able to make alternative arrangements. Over the years we have come to trust certain manufacturers over and above others.

We use quality products and reliable suppliers in which we are 100% confident. You'll always benefit from our supplier discounts and access to extended warranties unavailable in the open market place. So as you can see - there really isn't any benefit to sourcing and supplying your own materials!
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